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Oxford Medical Diagnostics develops and supplies breath analysis technologies for rapid, accurate, and low-cost monitoring of diseases and metabolic functions.

The current focus of OMD’s work is the development of a breath test to indirectly measure blood ketones. This test is designed to assist type 1 diabetics with their condition and its complications, particularly diabetic ketoacidosis, the main cause of mortality in diabetics. It is envisaged that this will provide a completely non-invasive, more user-friendly and accurate test compared with the current standard blood ketone strips, which require blood samples from a painful finger stick.

Developed within Professor Gus Hancock’s research group at the University of Oxford, the Company’s major proprietary technology – Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy – allows the measurement of acetone at sub-parts-per-million levels in breath. The technology allows for sensitivity far beyond the current industry standard. There is also significant potential to exploit breath acetone measurements in a separate device as a surrogate marker for blood glucose.

OMD has brought together a highly experienced management team to realise the significant potential of the CEAS technology platform. The Company maintains close links with the University of Oxford and academics around the world.

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